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Playthrough for my band's song

2014-08-08 16:13:56 by TheDaemonicPoet


Tapping Experience

2013-07-20 10:41:54 by TheDaemonicPoet

My attempt at making a shittilly shit tapping song interlude, something. I recently started doing tapping with more than one finger, and I came up with this. Hope you like it.

Me trying to put some heavy riffage together:

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There was once a man...

2013-04-23 13:59:14 by TheDaemonicPoet

...who had a throne which could not be challenged. That man was you, but you fucked up big time.


2013-04-21 15:22:52 by TheDaemonicPoet

Barbarian, Restrained, Degraded, The End.

Until the day we feel it...

2011-06-29 15:08:00 by TheDaemonicPoet

Until the day we feel it...

Chorus (Clean voice):
See what we've done...
The death of the hand that feeds us...
Nature perishing...
In pain that we shall meet someday!

Verse (Growling):
And the nature pain
Shall someday reach the skin of mankind,
Consequences will be tragic
The end of our time!

We'll pay for what we've done,
A pile of trash in a world so beautiful,
Result of our
Lack of caring!

Feel the heat burning you
And be sad because it's our fault,
Feel the storm that shouldn't exist
But you know it's our fault!

Chorus (Clean voice):
See what we've done...
The death of the hand that feeds us!
Nature perishing,
In pain that we shall meet someday!

Verse (Growling):
Seek for food you'll never find
Consequence of our imprudent acts,
Seek for water you cry for
But you know it's gone!

Dirt the world we live in
Until mankind can't stand it anymore
Swim in trash we've made
Until the earth banishes us!

Chorus (Growling):
See what we've done!
The death of the hand that feeds us!
Nature perishing !
In pain that we shall meet someday!

A Question of Inheritance

2011-04-03 16:52:24 by TheDaemonicPoet

A Question of Inheritance

Trusting never was such a bad idea
Confronted with a deal of broken morality
In charge to sacrifice a never-known man life
For the benefit of my physical fortune

It's a question of inheritance
Fight for it or be a dead man

A question of inheritance
The one you'll never be sure
You'll ever get!

There are more than one hundred reasons
To break your useless beliefs
Reasons such as life, wealth and respect
Why care if there's no God to punish you

While the inheritance will never be guaranteed
It's way better to live than die without honour
But what is the power of that so-called honour
When the remorse takes over you

It's a question of inheritance
Fight for it or be a dead man

A question of inheritance
The one you'll never be sure
You'll ever get!
The one that may only bring you
Nothing more than remorse


2010-12-21 13:51:29 by TheDaemonicPoet


I was thrown into disgrace
And I killed myself too many times
To try to escape
But someone threw me back here again

Enlightenment denied!

The angels of my insanity talked to me
Trying to make me believe
Trying to make me follow the light
But the light burns my skin and soul

I don't want to follow the light
Darkness seems so much more sweet to me
And where once an heart beated
Now shakes a rock

Depression embraced me
As a mother embrace her son
I can run away following the light
But the light is weak

And darkness my eternal sword
Sorrow my eternal shield

I will not follow the light!

TheDaemonicPoet ©

Autumn's Waltz

2010-10-24 12:38:07 by TheDaemonicPoet

Autumn Waltz

Leaves falling in pairs
Hitting the ground in a step of dance
Flying to other places
In majestic elegance

And the trees mixing their tones of green
Advertising a beautiful arrival
The Autumn where the heat fades away
In a waltz nobly danced

The birds that with their singing
Happilly singing us have enchanted
Depart now to run away from the cold
Promising to come back

I lacrimate now over this waltz
Because I'm not part of it
Hiding cholera that unnerves me
Behind this words of poetry

After all, what's the worth of being human
And say I was born free
When the rest of the creatures from nature
Don't need to say to be

The Darkened Knight

2010-09-30 17:51:39 by TheDaemonicPoet

The Darkened Knight

It's failing my memory
Of the epic story
Where the protagonist is a darkened knight
That rose from the ground
And 'till his end shall fight
At his horse galloping sound

I saw him killing and run
At the moonlight and below the sun
Galloping to the east
Seeking for the beast

And he camped on a cave
Thinking about the people he have to save
At sunrise sword on his hand
Galloping through the arid land

After a long journey he found the beast
Duelled it with sword and fist
Killed it without caring about the corpse he left behind
That one day someone shall find...