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There was once a man...

2013-04-23 13:59:14 by TheDaemonicPoet

...who had a throne which could not be challenged. That man was you, but you fucked up big time.


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2013-04-23 14:15:47

I never had a throne. A man who sits down and bathes in his power will lose it sooner or later ^^

TheDaemonicPoet responds:

You had, a throne called childhood and the power it conserves within.


2013-04-23 15:41:06

Asandir never was a child. He emerged from the abyss as fully grown soon to be King of everything that exists ;3

TheDaemonicPoet responds:

Then I'm sorry 3':


2013-04-25 14:20:23

Yeah but it was made of pure gold so it wasn't very comfortable anyway, much better to sell it.

TheDaemonicPoet responds:

But it could have so many good uses...